We Are Superblend

An independent collective of like-minds with a passion for community and cannabis.

To optimize the way we select, recommend, purchase and enjoy cannabis.

We value that all things are cyclical. We enjoy, replenish. We take and give. Share. It’s this life cycle that really sparks us up and motivates us to do better. Learn, improve, educate, repeat.

By celebrating the wonders of the cannabis plant; from the unique and harmonious environments of each of our premium retail stores, we are connecting communities across the City of Calgary through meaningful engagement in an infinitely diverse and mindful exchange.

This means our products and services come from the heart and from verified sources. We believe in providing the highest quality experience for all of our customers at each of our stores.

  • We celebrate cannabis everyday.
  • We believe in our staff, customers and community.
  • We live for the Superblend brand.
  • We are thankful always.

Your Questions Answered

Here are some of the top questions we’re being asked about the Superblend Cannabis Collective. If you have a question that’s not answered here, please let us know!

Is Superblend open?

Yes we are open. We are now serving our customers from our one Ramsay Stop-n-Glow location having closed our Grain Exchange and Midlake locations, due to unwavering pre-pandemic leasehold terms and ineffective Government support policies. We are now in final stages of AGLC approval to start offering online orders with delivery. You can still order online currently for curbside pickup down at our Ramsay location (with free dedicated parking). Thank you for shopping at Superblend.

What is the Stop-n-Glow address?


24th Avenue + Dartmouth Road, SE, Calgary, AB

Does Superblend offer delivery?

We’re looking forward to offering delivery to downtown and inner city neighbourhoods and bringing you the goods to you. Delivery service will come online once AGLG regulations permit (slated for March 2022). Once delivery does become available, we will be sure to notify you! Sign up to stay informed!

How much cannabis can one person purchase?

A person of legal age of consumption may purchase up to 30g equivalent of dried flower in one transaction (learn more at Health Canada).

Just as with alcohol consumption in our country, its best to align with related possession laws under the Cannabis Act. If purchasing oils, capsules, and other products like beverages, our system equates the 30g so your purchase across these products and does not exceed the legal limit.

Can I work for Superblend?

We are looking for specifically qualified Cannaseurs who understand the intricacies of different strains and the eloquence in the various effects of cannabis products. If you’re looking to apply yourself to our trade please Apply Yourself to apply, yourself.