Our essentials and quality small appliances makes Superblend your ultimate companion.

As defined, “Paraphernalia” is all the articles you’ll need for this particular activity.

At Superblend, we want to celebrate that little box you may have on a shelf somewhere or perhaps tucked away in a drawer. We want to bring back the old coffee table conversations surrounding some of our favourite pastimes.

Let’s engage again in the finer intricacies of our paraphernalia collections; sharing in the old stories brought on by our pipes, clips, grinders and other distinctive offerings. We have a wide selection of premium hand-crafted accessories to add to your collections and contribute to your story-telling.

  • Glassware and storage.
  • Every tool has a specific function.
  • Dry Goods.
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Our Brands

Superblend’s premium mix of products stem from well-established partnerships with licensed manufacturers in the Canadian cannabis industry to help you put that in your pipe and smoke it.