We stock a range of THC-infused drinks because really, why not?

Bring effervescence to your day with our teas, drink mixes and sparkling beverages.

Whatever your taste, we have a THC-infused beverage with your name on it. At Superblend, we’ve curated a selection of premium cannabis beverages from great suppliers to enjoy while enjoying the outdoors or listening to your favourite tunes.

Get a taste for what you like and expose your palate to a host of Canadian teas and sparkling beverages. Think of our Cannaseurs as your personal bartender; ready to assist in choosing your next tipple.

  • Slowly, surely wins the race.
  • It’s always good to sip and savour.
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Our Brands

Superblend’s premium mix of products stem from well-established partnerships with licensed manufacturers in the Canadian cannabis industry to help you stay more hydrated.