Can make your day feel like there’s not a cloud in the sky. Literally, smoke-free.

An assortment of THC and CBD oils to elevate your spirit like a mirage.

Oils and sprays can refresh your perspective and help you regain your steps to wellness. Transform your day into a day spa with essential THC oils, tinctures and sprays that relax, augment and inspire your experience.

With oil, tincture and spray products there is also a practical side. They’re portable and discrete without smell or inhalation of smoke vapour with a more comfortable onset, which makes for a wonderful alternative to dried flower.

  • Just a Dab.
  • Discretion Assured.
  • Feel Better.
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Our Brands

Superblend’s premium mix of products stem from well-established partnerships with licensed manufacturers in the Canadian cannabis industry to help you live your life to the last drop.